Sort and Recycle Competition


To have fun while learning about technology and know the importance of environmental stewardship.

General Description

Competition consist in collect and deposit the major number of screw top bottle caps in special located containers. Rules can be adapted or modified according to your needs.


Must be at least 4 and less than 7 high school students plus a mentor (at least 21 years old), can be any professor or familiar from any of the participants or a friend.


The basics:

  • This games is played in a 88 by 58 centimeters rectangle and 20 centimeters high as show in the following pictures.
  • All  distances are in centimeters.
  • The arena is made using a 5.58mm acrylic sheet.
  • They are 3 holes on each side where the robot has to try to put the  screw top bottle caps of his color.
Arena top view
Arena front view


The robot is controlled remotely via Bluetooth using a phone, tablet or computer. Robots must accomplish the following specifications:

  • Outer perimeter of the robot must not exceed 72 centimeters at the beginning of the competition.
  • Maximum height of the robot is 25 centimeters.
  • No weight restriction on this competition.
  • All robots must have the same number and type of motors. This is specified prior the competition by the committee.
  • Only 4 or 8 AA batteries can be used to power your robot not exceeding 6 Volts.

More detailed rules

The following link contains a more detailed rules adapted to the ITESM Campus Guadalajara.

Reglamento ITESM GDA