CPCP Device is solution for a person with cerebral palsy to communicate and express what they want, what they feel or what they think.

The challenge:

Design and construct a system that a person with cerebral palsy can use to communicate with other people.  The person can control arm movement but without much detail.

The solution

With only 6 days notice, the solution consists of two parts:
  1. An Android app with a series of pictograms (images)
  2. Atmega ATTiny85 microcontroller with Bluetooth and a push button.

How it works

The Android app shows the images that represent what the person wishes to communicate like play, eat, use the restroom, etc., and the microcontroller sends a signal via Bluetooth when the user presses the button to select the image and say the action out loud.



The code for the microcontroller that I used was very simple. It just needs to send, through a bluetooth antena, a string that contains “10” (zero-one) to the app in the tablet. I use Arduino-style programming. If you want to learn how to program an ATtiny from Arduinos IDE, see this tutorial.

Arduino code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define boton A1
#define tx 1
#define rx 0

boolean flag = false;

SoftwareSerial bt(rx,tx); // RX, TX

void setup() {
pinMode(boton, INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop() {
if (!digitalRead(boton) && flag == false){
flag = true;
if(digitalRead(boton) && flag == true){
flag = false;

Android code

Coming Soon…

Future work

Because this was a 5-day project and I had another responsibilities, I didn’t have enough time to create a PCB or make the device low power, try interrupts or anything else.

A few hours ago I made the PCB design.  It is only 16 mm by 20 mm.

CPCP Final

The CAD design still in paper, I will post it as soon I finish the CAD file.

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