Installing Software

Software Options for Windows

While there are several option to write and compile C code, my two favorite options are:

  • Code::Blocks for beginners
  • Eclipse for advance users

In this tutorial I will use this two compilers to show how to create and run your first programs. Then I will just show the output of each program.

Get Software

a) Code::Blocks

Go to Code::Blocks download page at and select Download the binary release

Download the binary files

Look for your Operative System and click on the link to download Code::Blocks using one of the two downloading options. If you are using Windows look for the link that has the option mingw. This will install a compiler for C and C++ in your computer. If you are new to programming (and using a windows computer), then is almost 100% probably that you will need to install this feature. Next image shows the option that includes mingw for windows.

Code::Blocks for windows

Download should start in a few seconds for now.

b) Eclipse

For eclipse, go to eclipse download page and look for Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers and click on your operative system (32-bits or 64-bits).

Eclipse download

Select mirror and click download button.

Download button and mirror

Wait for the download to start.


a) Code::Blocks

If you are using windows, execute the “.exe” file and follow instructions.

b) Eclipse

For Installing Eclipse, just extract the “.zip” file.