About Me

I am finishing my M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering with a specialization in Embedded Systems.  I am a programmer, developer, maker, creative, and curious person.  I am passionate about electronics and one of my hobbies is robotics.  I am enthusiastic about teaching and I believe that engineering, robotics, technology, and the like doesn’t need to be difficult to learn and I make it my mission to teach others in a simple way.  I like to volunteer my time by working with high school students in the FIRST Robotics competition program.  I have a great little family that I enjoy spending time with and watching my son grow.  Feel free to contact me via email at gcarmonar@gmail.com with comments or website suggestions.  I am always looking to make improvements and learn new things.

I want to work for a semiconductor/technology company because I want to be part of a team who creates and develops new technologies that can help our world.  Check out my Curriculum Vitae and you will see that helping others is a major focus of projects that I am involved in.  You can also check out some awards and recognition that I have received. I would be nothing without the mentorship and the opportunities that Dr. Roman, Damaris Ochoa, and Dr. Antelis, just to name a few, have given me so I encourage you to check out the Recommendation Letters that they have so kindly written on my behalf.

Thanks and enjoy my website.


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